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Wastelander Panda: From Trailer to Global Brand

You’re a group of emerging filmmakers in your twenties with the idea of making a live-action sci-fi series about the last panda in a post-apocalyptic Wasteland.

In the small Australian film landscape, there’s no way this will EVER be funded, but you know your audience is out there and that this could be the greatest thing you’ll ever make. What do you do?

You turn to the internet.

Our presentation is a case study of Wastelander Panda from its beginnings as an online trailer through to the release of three web episodes as part of a global branding strategy.

We’ll share our successes and pitfalls from the journey, including using statistics & audience analysis to convince the Australian government to fund the project despite lacking the requisite market attachment; and how our online launch strategy propelled the trailer to over 100,000 views in its first three days online.

Plus, we'll screen one of the new episodes and preview the website in our exclusive SXSW premiere.


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  1. How did we achieve trailer view counts of 10,000 overnight and 100,000 in the first 72 hours without spending a cent, and what did we do to channel those viewers onto our social media platforms?
  2. How did we translate the initial buzz around the project into over $25,000 in donations from 353 supporters – a record for a film project on the Australian crowdfunding platform How did we use our crowdfunding campaign to create local buzz around the project and convince our government funding agency to change their funding policies?
  3. How are we using statistical data on Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites to learn exactly who our audience is? How are we using this data to develop a marketing and distribution plan centred around the way they use the internet and to influence our creative decisions for the next three episodes?
  4. How are we harnessing real-world events in conjunction with a production blog and an extensive social media strategy to build on our existing audience and keep them engaged throughout our lengthy financing and production process? When the right time to branch out into merchandise and other branding opportunities?
  5. How is the internet opening up global opportunities for filmmakers based outside of traditional filmmaking hubs, and what can you do to make the most of these opportunities for your own projects?



Kirsty Stark, Producer, Epic Films

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