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#RealTalk: Impact Producers on Social Change Media

The digital revolution enabled the explosion of short form content and immersive storytelling; disrupted established distribution models; and blurred the lines between producers and the people formally known as the audience. While this created an opening for many makers who were shut out by the old gatekeepers, the established independent film world still struggles to create sustainable production and distribution models for the digital age. This state of affairs sparked an ongoing debate among funders: what is the impact of doc film? The field answered with the proliferation of outreach campaigns, and investment in data-driven, analytic tools like The Participant Index. Yet filmmakers still struggle with basic questions. Are there replicable campaign models? What is a realistic campaign budget? And what’s the right distribution? Impact Producers, media practitioners working on the leading edge of social change movements, will answer these critical questions and more.

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  1. What are impact producers and impact distribution campaigns, and do I need them for my documentary film or media project?
  2. What are the current impact distribution campaign models for film and media projects?
  3. How do I know which type of impact distribution campaign is right for my film or media project?
  4. What are the elements needed (budget, staff, distribution platforms, marketing materials, partnerships, assessment metrics) for each type of impact distribution campaign?
  5. What are the biggest challenges in executing successful impact distribution campaigns for film and media projects?



Jennifer MacArthur, Founder and Principal, Borderline Media

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