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You get what you pay for--literally. Almost any electronic device today can get online, including your car or your refrigerator, for a price, of course. But the Internet of Things is not solely accessible to big manufacturers with tons of resources. Christopher Clark, Director of IT for SparkFun Electronics, presents Phant--a tool for putting the power of building IoT networks into the hands of the average consumer. Built to be lightweight and modular, and open-source end-to-end, Phant is a free, open-source engine designed to run on the smallest devices. Phant powers SparkFun's free streaming service (, and coupled with open-source hardware, it is a powerful tool to rapidly deploy sensor networks to collect rich data from the field. Christopher will take you on a full tour of the open-source technology that makes Phant go and give a demo of building a private sensor network using open-source hardware.


  1. What is the Internet of Things and how can an individual create things within it?
  2. What services exist for streaming data from devices and how do Phant and differ?
  3. How can signals sent from small sensor networks to the Internet be secured and kept private?
  4. What are some real-world examples where an individual might want to build a sensor network using these tools?
  5. What are the biggest trends in developing tools for the Internet of Things and what's coming next?



Miranda Downey, Partnership Coordinator, SparkFun Electronics

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