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Social Media is the New Restaurant PR

In a world where friends make dinner plans over Snapchat, food porn is a real thing, and make dinner reservations over Facebook, how does one spread the word about a new restaurant opening, new product, or special event? This panel explores the nitty gritty of restaurant marketing in the digital landscape, and how restaurants are modeling new hybrid food service styles to match. Restaurant and publication community managers, consumer review site community managers, and digital advertising professionals will weigh in.


  1. How do you convert brick and mortar promotions into online conversations? Or create digital promotions that turn in to conversations while in line to order?
  2. How can you use non-traditional platforms (SnapChat, Vine, Instagram Video) to capture a larger digital audience and convert fans into customers?
  3. How much money should I spend on digital media? (Budgeting for staff, photography needs, advertising, and analytics)
  4. Why would you measure the success of your digital efforts, quantity and quality? What tools are available?
  5. How can you use consumer review sites (like Yelp) in a way that positively engages your digital audience?



Samantha Luthra, Senior Digital Strategist , Bread & Butter Bytes

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