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How to Keep Working Parents In – and Innovating

Tech innovation is a pervasive theme at SXSW. But innovation is not born out of technology; it comes from people. The challenge for established companies and start-ups is keeping working parents in, instead of dropping out, as they give birth to the next generation of digirati. The time is right for a tech-talent revolution, and the media and tech industries are uniquely positioned to lead that revolution. Join Sara DeWitt, Vice President, PBS KIDS Interactive, for a solutions-driven discussion about why career and family don’t have to be mutually exclusive and how the media and tech industry can help redefine what “having it all” means for a future of tech innovators. DeWitt will lead a panel, among them Lisa Belkin, Senior Columnist on Life/Work/Family at The Huffington Post, set against the backdrop of a hot debate involving some of the industry’s most senior women executives, from Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

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  1. How is the technology community/industry uniquely positioned to address the needs of working parents?
  2. What tactics can industry leaders use to retain key talent and promote creativity through support of work/life balance?
  3. What are female technology leaders doing now and are they really achieving a happy work-life balance?
  4. How can men benefit from policies that support family-work balance?
  5. Work-life balance encompasses more than supporting families with kids: how do flexible policies support creativity for all workers?



Sara DeWItt, Vice President, PBS KIDS Interactive, PBS

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