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Learning My Way: Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace

Giving students 24/7 access to learning materials can dramatically improve education outcomes as proven in 40+ pilot projects. However, data shows that up to 30% of U.S. households have no access to high-speed broadband at home, and in some districts it’s as high as 70%. This causes many students to power down after school. We need a viable solution to address the gaps for those students without access. Learn about new mobile-centric solutions to enable safe and affordable 24/7 learning.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Communicate how mobile technologies of the future can solve and enhance a new learning experience to help ensure today’s students are well prepared to be tomorrow’s innovators, leaders and engaged citizens of the world.
  2. Start a conversation around new mobile-centric solutions to enable safe, affordable, and equitable 24/7 learning.
  3. Learn how 24/7 access to their learning materials gives students, teachers and tutors the ability to improve education outcomes - and what you can do to diminish the digital divide in your area.



Catherine Baker, PR Coordinator, Qualcomm

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