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Hacking the News Around the World

Hacker journalism is going global. The Hacks/Hackers movement has spread around the world, and this panel will bring together organizers from Africa, South America, the Middle East and Europe to talk about how the journalism-technology movement has grown across the world. Panelists will discuss the challenges of working in closed societies, data mining in countries where data doesn't flow freely, finding media outlets without support of legacy institutions and how to build a hacker culture in countries where the word has a distinctly negative connotation. The panelists will discuss their experiences in running events like hackathons, projects they have built and communities they are bringing together.

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  1. How can the positive side of hacker culture be brought to new countries, which might have negative impressions of hackers?
  2. What challenges do hacker-journalists face working in developing countries?
  3. How is the hacker-journalism movement helping to bring new transparency to closed societies?
  4. How can a grassroots movement spread across the world and maintain its core values?
  5. What is next for the hacker-journalism movement and what are the key problems can they help address for society?



Burt Herman, Founder, Hacks/Hackers

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