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Education Locations For Entrepreneurs

We are three entrepreneurial educators who provide education for our audiences in very different ways. However, we share several philosophies that represent the future of self-directed education and community-based marketing: (a) the distributional natures of our educational venues (online business group & classes, indie book publisher, literature podcast host & author), (b) the values of the communities we've built and fostered, (c) and their distinct differences from traditional marketing.

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  1. How do I increase customer engagement, build long-term relationships, and totally delight my leads, customers, and partners?
  2. How can I provide adult-targeted education for hungry (but busy) customers? What platforms will work for my content?
  3. How do I find time to create all this content and make connections, too?
  4. How do I balance access to my content (and myself!) with my need to sleep and interact with in-person humans?
  5. How can I keep a community of self-led learners from devolving into snark or petty arguments without spending all my time moderating?



Shannon Okey, Publisher & CEO, Cooperative Press

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