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Why Cognitive Science Matters in Adaptive Learning

During this panel, medical doctor Ulrik Christensen will discuss the cognitive processes involved in learning and studying, and the cognitive science that goes into designing today’s most advanced educational technology. Ulrik will emphasize the importance of understanding cognitive processes when designing tools that aim to make learning and teaching more effective, explore how students interact with these tools on a cognitive level and discuss what’s next for adaptive learning.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss the cognitive processes behind adaptive learning, step by step, with the goal of explaining just how adaptive learning works and humanizing the process
  2. Provide ways for teachers to effectively use data from adaptive learning technologies to customize lessons for individual students while taking cognition into account, and improve engagement and overall student performance
  3. Discuss the current challenges facing adaptive learning and what will be needed to overcome them



Brian Belardi, Director of Media Relations , McGraw-Hill Education

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