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When Brands Get Creepy: Where To Draw the Line?

“Big brother is watching you" was the infamous line in George Orwell's 1984. Today, it’s brands, not the government, that seem to know their customers’ every move. Because consumers (willingly?) provide brands with personal data that build profiles of exactly who they are, target marketing has reached new levels. In the era of NSA snooping & the rise of the “me” generation, where do we draw the line?

This panel will be a debate on the timely, controversial idea of behavioral targeting. Today’s consumers want experiences tailored to their needs, but are quick to judge when an ad for boots they were just looking at online pops up elsewhere. Experts from varying backgrounds with contradictive ideology around customer privacy & engagement will participate in a heated discussion that aims to define & draw the line between personalized customer engagement & just plain creepiness. No matter which side of the discussion you are on, this is a panel you simply can't miss.

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  1. What are brands doing to push the boundaries of personalization?
  2. What do consumers expect of brands today? Are they (too) accustomed to being tracked and how are they protected?
  3. What technologies are driving brands and protecting consumers in this new era in marketing?
  4. When it comes to targeted marketing, how should brands and consumers alike draw the line between customized and creepy?
  5. As the line blurs and consumers seem to get more comfortable, will "creepiness" soon be a thing of the past?



Bart Heilbron, CEO, BlueConic

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