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Engaging Visitors to Drive Repeat Traffic

Many of us spend a lot of time, energy, and money driving new traffic to our websites. While there is no arguing that new visits are critical to site success, visitors are a lot more valuable if they come back... and keep returning. Driving quality traffic and engaging visitors to return will no doubt assist in meeting your goals, regardless of what they are.

Still not convinced? In this unique one-on-one interview session, you'll learn firsthand the strategic thinking behind a site that increased repeat visits 20% in 120 days. We'll explain the value of repeat visitors and tell you why you should care and be keeping an eye on these stats. We'll share specific tactics for increasing repeat traffic have proven to be successful for a variety of sites and resource levels, such as retargeting, content strategy, social media engagement, and email outreach.

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  1. What's the value of a repeat visitor? Why are they important and how can they assist in meeting my site and organization's goals?
  2. How do I focus on not just simply driving new traffic to my site, but driving new quality traffic? What does this mean and how do I measure it?
  3. What are specific short term and long term tactics I can employ to turn a new visitor into a repeat visitor? How do I get them to keep returning?
  4. What should I keep in mind when developing a social media and content strategy that will help drive repeat traffic?
  5. What sorts of media and paid tactics can I use to increase repeat traffic?



Aaron Mushro, Senior Brand Manager, American Legacy Foundation (Legacy)

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