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Sustainable Photography in a Disintermediated Era

Photography has never been more important. It’s become a universal language, spoken by nearly everyone. It’s a primary tool in the battle for user engagement in mobile and web. But professional photographers are experiencing massive dislocation as publishing becomes disintermediated and reintermediated. Old business models are cast aside and the value proposition of the independent visual creator is changing overnight.

Despite these difficulties, there is exploding opportunity for the visual creator to take advantage of the importance of photography. New models of publishing and distribution have allowed fantastic growth in new content stacks, including microcultures and direct-to-fan. And all companies now need photographic speakers as never before.

Our panel brings together three perspectives on thriving in the changing media landscape, and navigating the transition from old media to new. They’ll outline the forces at work and the opportunities for photographic communicators.


  1. What are the market forces at work in the publishing industry?
  2. What is the role of a professional photographer in a world of ubiquitous cameras?
  3. How do I build a meaningful content stack?
  4. What are the trends in media that affect the independent creator?
  5. How can photographers and other visual media creators survive economically in a disinter mediated world?



Peter Krogh, Publisher, DAM Useful Publishing

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