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Libraries as Playgrounds for Digital Natives

Public libraries increasingly facilitate the acquisition of digital literacy skills, in coding, social media, gaming and the inventions of the Maker movement. Awareness of the scope of public library services, however, has lagged. In promoting the evolving role of libraries, why not start with one of the public library’s core user groups: our youth? Technology programs for children and teen have become a focus at the Brooklyn Public Library. We will demonstrate a few of these, and will discuss strategies for defining the public library as a center for technological innovation to the latest generations of digital natives.


  1. What is digital literacy and how is this definition changing?
  2. What technology skills do the new generations of digital natives need to learn?
  3. How can libraries contribute to digital literacy education?
  4. How do you create an environment of exploration and experimentation?
  5. How can libraries promote themselves as centers of technological innovation?



Leigh Fox, Assistant Division Manager, Central Youth Wing, Brooklyn Public Library

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