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Have you ever thought about how that double play gets blasted to MLB headquarters in NYC, edited and buzzed back for instant replay on your TV and mobile device? MLB has worked for years to perfect the art of getting clips, highlights and real-time game footage up in a matter of minutes so fans can partake in a social TV experience and enjoy watching games on multiple devices. But how do they do it so quickly? Through the magic of cloud collaboration.

Staying on task could be frustrating using verbal communication and saving spreadsheets to network drives, but tapped a cloud-based collaboration platform to automate processes and significantly reduce workload for communication and collaboration. The platform has allowed to alleviate email inboxes and reduce bandwidth constraints, disparate files and broken conversations – which typically hinder the natural project collaboration and teamwork processes – and cut the publishing time from 20 minutes to just five minutes.

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  1. How has social media, mobile and increasing demand for real-time information impacted’s multimedia publishing operations?
  2. How did adjust operations to get baseball highlights and stats to fans more quickly?
  3. What has been the business impact of’s new way of working?
  4. How does the cloud help marketers find creative solutions to everyday processes?
  5. What are some of the solutions that can help teams of all sizes better automate processes, manage projects, better communicate and significantly reduce workload using the latest collaboration tools?



Jamie Larson, PR consultant, Intersect Communications

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