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Wanted: Mobile Dev with 40 Years Experience

Low-resolution displays. Limited input capabilities. Frustrating voice interaction. Distracted users. A neverending array of devices. The mobile environment in 2012? Or is it how users with disabilities have dealt with technology since the 1970s?

Learn the tips and avoid the mistakes of the past by exploring how experts in the field of disability have approached designing apps and content with everyone in mind, and see how those designers, developers and users are solving mobile problems today.

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  1. What "new" mobile technologies were originally designed for people with disabilities?
  2. What strategies have designers implemented to accommodate diverse user needs and preferences?
  3. What is situational disability and how do all mobile users exhibit it?
  4. How are people with disabilities using mobile technology?
  5. How can mobile designers and developers use what has been learned by four decades of designing with disability in mind?



Matt May, Accessibility Evangelist, Adobe

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