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Why You Matter to Brands/Why Brands Matter to You

Is a record deal still the end game for artists? Does landing “the deal” signify an artist has made it? With so many platforms to share their music with the world, are brand deals as aspirational as label deals for independent artists? Marketers are just beginning to understand the value of music for driving business. Beyond a soundtrack to an ad, the strategic use of music extends the reach of a campaign, and deepens consumer engagement. For an artist, the exposure gained by having their music score a campaign, across geographies and media channels can be the break they need to propel their careers to the next level. This panel will discuss the value of a brand deal from both perspectives.


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  1. What value does a brand deal offer artists?
  2. What is the business impact of using a music based marketing strategy?
  3. How can an independent artist land a brand deal?
  4. Why should a brand use independent artists in their marketing?
  5. What does success look like for a brand/artist partnership?



Eric Sheinkop, CEO & Co-Founder, Music Dealers

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