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Digital Teleportation

While the reality of teleportation devices in SciFi films may not happen in our lifetime, there is an interesting emergence of technology and storytelling that has brought us closer to it in some fascinating ways. Combine the technical tinkering of curious minds, the availability of digital sensors and components, the ubiquity of the web browser and what you get are unique projects that allow ordinary people to make music requests of player pianos, skip a stone across a pond and take a ride on a blimp—all without being there. Our digital hands are now reaching across the miles in ways that allow access to experiences that would have previously required us to be there. Now they simply request that we sign in. Get to know some of the minds behind projects like these and how they are being used to push brands into some amazing places.

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  1. I've defined this as "Digital Teleportation." How would you describe your projects and what goes into them?
  2. What are some of the biggest technical challenges in building these types of experiences?
  3. How are you balancing the needs of the user, to provide an amazing experience, with the needs of your clients?
  4. In hindsight, what would you do differently with your projects?
  5. If we're only starting down this road of "teleportation," what do you see up ahead?



Ben Thoma, Sr. Art Director, GSD&M

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