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Digging For Gold: A Digital Content Treasure Hunt

iTunes U is a treasure trove of gold standard content that can engage both student and adult learners. In this hands-on and exploratory workshop, voyagers will discover materials from leading educational institutions that can be leveraged for modern learning. Attendees will also map the course and materials development process within the Apple ecosystem, discovering tools such as iBooks Author, iTunes U and iTunes U Course Manager. Come join our voyage to explore the future of digital content!

Additional Supporting Materials

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will discover and explore high quality and free digital content in various channels within iTunes U.
  2. Participants will actively engage and learn the steps to build their own interactive online courses when working with iPads, Macs, and iTunes.
  3. Participants will contemplate the benefits and possibilities for their own school, organization or institution when building iTunes U channels and courses.



Lucy Gray, Consultant, Lucy Gray Consulting

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