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Time Shifting - is Sports the Last One Standing?

As digital devices and streaming make appointment based viewing less important, viewership around live sports events appears to be one of the last categories which can consistently draw massive viewership numbers. How are media companies and rights holders maximizing the value of these events and serving the fans interests on multiple platforms? Sports media reporter John Ourand of the SportsBusiness Journal discusses this topic with Jason Kint of

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  1. How are media companies and rights holders maximizing the value of live sports events?
  2. Do you expect the digital rights around live sports events to eventually generate the same revenue as the broadcast rights and will the value of those digital rights some day equal the broadcast rights?
  3. Will digital devices ultimately become the primary platform on which fans view live sports events?
  4. What second screen options have been most successful driving fan engagement around live sports events?
  5. How are media companies serving the fans interests around live sports events on multiple platforms?



Alex Riethmiller, VP, Communications, CBS Interactive

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