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A global view of the next digital music generation

It's a big world out there. Even the USA and Japan as the top two global markets are polar opposites in terms of recorded music consumption, fan behaviour and engagement.

For some, the internet and social media have been the big global levellers. But while opening up the world at the click of a button, cultural and territorial differences mean that many markets are still quite digitally unique.

Artists, marketers, labels and professionals across the industry must understand that with the next generation of music fans, to go global you will have to get local. This presentation will examine regional consumption trends, nuances and tips for engaging and selling to fans across the world.


  1. How do I market artists/music on an international level?
  2. What format do I push in which regions/countries and which digital platforms are best suited for engagement?
  3. How do fans behave differently online across the world?
  4. What are the common denominators to marketing and recorded music sales on a global level?
  5. How do I decide where to focus my efforts outside of my home market?



Karim Fanous, Head of Research, Music Ally

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