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How Cheating Death Helped Me Live Without Fear

The first time Buddy Media founder and CEO Michael Lazerow cheated death, he was 18 months old. The second time, he was 19, and was given three hours to live. An emergency heart valve replacement saved his life. This past summer, Michael sold his social marketing software company, Buddy Media, to in a deal valued at approximately $800 million.

In this session, Lazerow will share his story of how cheating death changed his life, and led him to live fearlessly. It inspired him to innovate, accelerate, and grow a successful business. Is fear holding you back? Don't let it happen. It's easy to innovate and live without fear when you come face to face with your own death. It's much harder to do the unimaginable when things are going well. How can we live without fear everyday of our lives? How can we do the unimaginable everyday?


  1. What advice can you share to help me grow a successful, scalable business?
  2. How can I overcome fear in my professional and everyday life?
  3. How can I keep innovating?
  4. What does it take to earn trust and become a leader?
  5. How can I do the unimaginable every day?



Allie Rolnik, Public Relations Associate, Buddy Media

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