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Forget Spock's Logic, Sell to Kirk's Emotions

Your website is likely perfect for appealing to Mr. Spock of Star Trek -- chock full of features, facts, and figures ... everything the rational brain needs. The catch is, your visitors are humans, and a lot more like the volatile, unpredictable Captain Kirk.

Much of a website's impact is driven by emotion and unconscious processes, well before logic even gets a shot at the situation. You must focus as much attention on non-conscious factors as you place on rational support for those emotional responses. This panel of thought leaders from diverse disciplines will show you how to appeal directly to the way your visitor's brain actually works.

You'll discover how to apply the latest findings from neuroscience, neuromarketing, and behavioral research to optimize your site, craft persuasive copy, and trigger the actions you want. Expect a jargon-free discussion geared to boosting your site's stickiness, sharability, and conversion.

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  1. How can I make my prices seem lower, even when they aren't?
  2. How do I maximize appeal to males? Or females? What if my audience is more or less evenly split?
  3. What copy format totally engages the brain of the reader?
  4. What was Apple's subconscious technique for maximizing customer loyalty from its earliest days?
  5. Is neuromarketing ethical? Should marketers be exploiting non-conscious triggers in their attempt to appeal to consumers?



Roger Dooley, Founder, Dooley Direct LLC

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