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Unlikely Bedfellows... Yours Awaits

No, it’s not college. But these days, everyone from multinational corporations to renowned medical institutions are getting into bed with unexpected partners. The results are spectacular and surprising: an IT company is helping to kill a superbug, robot technology is enabling blind people to navigate, and a Fortune 100 is supporting mom-and-pop shops across the country.
In this solo presentation, Lincoln Bjorkman, Chief Creative Officer at Digitas, will share stories of unlikely, surprising and curious partnerships that have yielded astonishing results.
The “Unlikely Bedfellows” session will explore how some big challenges are tackled by leading companies and innovative inventors who chose to see 360 degrees, then went one degree further. You will be inspired. Best of all, you’ll hunger to explore how unlikely partners can bring a new lens to your own biggest challenges.
Get ready to find your unlikely bedfellow.

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  1. Where do creative solutions come from? A good idea can come from anyone, anywhere. The most valuable assets at an organization are its individuals, their personal relationships and the stories they experience in the world outside the conference room. How can you tap into ideas that are truly original?
  2. How does social lead to unlikely bedfellows? Social media has become the new normal in our personal and professional lives, connecting us in ways we could never imagine. How are leading companies using it as a vehicle for tackling big challenges?
  3. What kind of characteristics should you look for in an unlikely bedfellow? What defines commonalities? What is the chemistry of the mating process?
  4. Why does it matter? If you stand in the same place, your view will always be the same. Society progresses based on innovation. How can you turn challenges into discoveries?
  5. What makes for a good bedmate? Is there a science and an art to compatibility, whether it’s corporate compatibility or individual compatibility?



Barbara Nonas, Consultant, Corporate Communications, Digitas

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