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To Window Or Not To Window:Film Release Strategies

Releasing a film isn’t as cut-and-dry as picking a date and encouraging fans to spend money to watch it. Elements to consider include screening in theaters, video-on-demand, rentals, streaming, DVDs and digital purchases, and more. In this panel, we will discuss the new and emerging opportunities for film distribution and the unique windowing methods that companies are experimenting with. We’ll look into the different strategies available depending on a film’s goals, audience and genre, and panelists will give concrete examples of what has (and hasn’t) worked for them, for instance in the case of panelist Neil Berkeley’s documentary, Harmontown, which premiered at SXSW in 2014.


  1. Is day and date distribution the right decision for every film?
  2. How does day and date distribution impact the lifetime revenue opportunity for a project?
  3. How can filmmakers use digital websites like VHX to enhance their film’s reach and leverage the social graph?
  4. Are there specific windowing strategies that only work for certain genres?
  5. How do filmmakers view the day and date digital opportunity?



Diana Wollach, Corporate & Product Marketing Manager, The Orchard

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