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Jumping the Shark: The Evolution of Infographics

Infographics were supposedly a passing fad back in the late 00's. Fact is, they've never been more popular than they are today. Whether on Reddit, someone's blog, or another chosen social channel, infographics are everywhere. That being said, many are still proclaiming that the medium has finally "jumped the shark."

But rising above the nuanced complaints of the naysayers are the actual infographics themselves. And even though there is no longer a predetermined formula for success, they have still become the foundation of any integral strategy to communicate complex ideas and data to the masses.

This panel will teach you about what has worked in the past and will help you personally determine what content marketing strategies can work in the future. The first half of the panel will be short presentations, and the last half will be driven by the audience. From agencies to brands, from strategy to SEO, & from marketing to PR, this panel lives and breathes all things infographics.

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  1. What infographics have worked in the past?
  2. What infographics are working now?
  3. Will infographics, as they are now, work in the future?
  4. What tools are out there to strategize, create, and market infographics?
  5. What will make my infographics stand out among the crowd?



Jarred Romley, Principal, The Press Shoppe

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