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Mobile Entertainment - Convenience vs. Quality

Today’s mobile devices enable users to consume rich, multimedia entertainment anywhere at any time. To date, this discussion has focused on the way content is delivered and consumed, but what about content quality? Do the qualities of color, tone and detail, and the depth of the sound convey the story the creator intended? Or are those finer aspects simply lost, diminishing the overall impact of the art? Does the consumer even care? When viewing content from a mobile device, consumers may believe they are getting convenience, but the consequence is they are neutralizing the power of the story.

As users rely more on mobile devices for all aspects of entertainment consumption, they are demanding more from the experience. Manufacturers must act quickly to remedy this situation by addressing audio and video quality issues to remain competitive and continue to fuel market growth, and content creators must produce content designed specifically for devices with smaller screens.


  1. Where does the problem of poor entertainment quality lie, with the device, the content or both?
  2. What advancements need to be made in current mobile devices, content and technologies to ensure the consumer is receiving the best quality entertainment on the go?
  3. How can these issues be addressed to ensure that the consumer can get similar quality on a mobile device as they do in a home theater environment?
  4. With more dependence on mobile devices for entertainment, what does this mean for cable/satellite providers? How can they help to improve the mobile experience?
  5. Who is providing the best mobile entertainment experience from a content and device perspective and how can we do better?



Jen Ralls, Senior Director, Marketing Communications, THX Ltd.

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