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New Tools for Digital Justice

One of the goals of the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition is to "demystify technology to the point where we can not only use it, but create our own technologies and participate in the decisions that will shape communications infrastructure." The Open Technology Institute and Allied Media Projects will present ways for communities to reshape the Internet through custom wireless networks (using the Commotion firmware), "DiscoTech" (discovering technology) education fairs, trainings for people to become stewards of their communities’ digital resources, and more. These digital justice tools reflect a combination of deep technical knowledge and the insight that comes from being an outsider to the Internet. If you know tech and want to contribute to your community's collective self-determination, we will also discuss how to gain insight from the tech outsiders in your community.

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  1. How does mesh community wireless work?
  2. What is “digital justice” and how can we cultivate a healthy digital ecology for our communities?
  3. How can community technology events and creative curriculum support communities in becoming users and creators of digital technologies?
  4. How can a community wireless network strengthen ties within a neighborhood?
  5. Why Detroit?



Mike Medow, Co-Director, Allied Media Projects

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