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Curriculum Influence on Education App Development

When designing an educational app you often spend significant amounts of time developing the app's pedagogy (a.k.a. its instructional approach), but how much time do you spend thinking about curriculum?
This presentation unpacks the influence curriculum has on educational app designers. We begin with a brief history curriculum through the ages before describing the dominant, often implicit approaches to curriculum held today. Next we outline how curricular orientations and decisions, standardization, and the realities of the classroom have a cascade effect on the entire design process, from pedagogy and learning theory to educational context and technology. Finally, we describe our experience iteratively designing a web-based writing application while simultaneously implementing it within an elementary classroom.


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  1. What is curriculum?
  2. How are curriculum, learning theory, pedagogy, educational context, technology, and development related?
  3. How does curriculum influence the others?
  4. How can knowing this improve my educational application designs?
  5. How can knowing this improve my educational application development process?



Rob Scordino, PhD Student, University of Texas a Austin Learning Technology Center

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