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Music Documentary as Transmedia Storyworld

"When the former soundman for an eclectic ‘80s post-punk band rediscovers tapes of their earliest, most powerful and innovative songs - he sets out to re-create those songs 30 years later."

That’s the story behind the transmedia documentary "Get It All Out" - mapping the journey of producer Will Kreth – a man haunted by the long-lost songbook of the Pittsburgh-originated group Stick Against Stone. This session will talk about a process that began as a standard music doc in 2008, but has since emerged into a storyworld containing a 13 piece orchestra, live concerts in New York City, a new 12 song album, an eBook and a remix contest – all preceding the eventual documentary film (due in 2014).

In this session, Will discusses his process of expanding the familiar music documentary genre to embrace and embody transmedia elements as part of a non-fictional storyworld, and how the power of music became both the fuel and the glue to keep the project together and moving forward.

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  1. The Team: Building a team to produce a conventional documentary is a challenge in itself. How does a producer identify and convince talented individuals to join an effort to create a transmedia documentary?
  2. The Money - Chicken meet Egg: Self-funding a multi-platform project has its limits, and crowd-funding only really works if you've got something to show. How does a producer attract funders to support phases of a documentary project that has multiple deliverables/artifacts (across years) as opposed to just one big festival premiere?
  3. The Music: Music is a language that everybody speaks, but finding the audience for a particular style of music is always a challenge. What are the most cost-effective ways to connect potential fans to your subject's relatively unknown musical repertoire?
  4. Social Can Attract and Distract: Staying focused online has never been more challenging - distractions abound and where to put your work-in-progress content to reach the right audience can be confusing at best. How can producers use the web 2.0 and social media tools to help, not hinder - the development process.
  5. The Importance of Design: What is the role of an interaction designer in the documentary medium, especially when designing non-fiction narratives for multiple screens?



William Kreth, Producer, MediaGroove LLC

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