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Fashion & Style Blogger Meet Up

Style mavens, unite! If you're a current / aspiring blogger or keep a list of fashion blogs on your daily rotation, this Meet Up is for you. Mix & mingle with other fashion bloggers, discuss current trends in the industry, including best practices for keeping your content unique and engaging your audience.

Hosted by Courtney Kerr from "What Courtney Wore," this will be a laid back Meet Up for a fashion-savvy audience.

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  1. What are the best practices for starting a style blog?
  2. There is so much noise and replication amongst style blogs. How do you stay unique and offer differ content?
  3. Brands are using more & more style bloggers to curate their collections and become brand ambassadors. How do you decide how to work with other brands?
  4. How can you turn your blog into a business?
  5. Between social media channels like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., what's the best method for engaging & retaining your audience's attention outside of your style blog?



Courtney Kerr, Style Blogger, What Courtney Wore

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