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Finding Your Place in an Amazing Startup Community

Vibrant startup communities aren't limited to Silicon Valley and New York; they're popping up everywhere. But what goes into the making of an amazing startup community, and what role can you play?

This panel features two of the most well-known and widely-respected champions of startup communities: Brad Feld, managing director of early-stage VC firm Foundry Group, and David Cohen, CEO of startup accelerator TechStars, plus a key member of the Austin startup community, AustinVentures partner Mike Dodd.

This lively discussion will be moderated by Charlie Wood, founder and CEO of Austin-based startup Spanning. Charlie has participated as a startup founder, CEO, mentor, and employee in the startup communities in Austin, San Francisco, Boulder, Minneapolis, and San Antonio.

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  1. What are the necessary ingredients that make a thriving startup community?
  2. What is the role of a university in a startup community?
  3. Why do startup communities succeed? Why do they fail?
  4. How does the success of a startup community relate to the success of the larger community in which it exists?
  5. What are the most surprising and dynamic startup communities--outside of Silicon Valley and New York? What makes them different? What makes them work?



Charlie Wood, Founder & CEO, Spanning

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