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Personalised Medicine: From a Vision into a Plan

Every industry personalises their services and products. Just look at Google and how they use data to help us find what we want with 'suggested searches'. Healthcare is no different, and providers across the world are under increasing pressure to personalise their services. But, is this really feasible with our current knowledge and healthcare systems?
With a global input, this panel aims to present the initiatives that are underway around the world in the field, highlight specific examples of personalised medicine that are currently in use and tackle the areas which still need addressing to make it a reality.
How long will it take for the vision in our video clip to be realised? One month, one year, one decade, or even longer?


  1. Personalised medicine is such a generic term and often thrown around carelessly. What is your definition? Answer this by giving a specific example.
  2. Which implementations of personalised medicine initiatives globally are you most interested in? Do you honestly believe they are plausible?
  3. Are we missing any data to really enable personalised medicine? If so what is it and how are we going to get it?
  4. With initiatives such as 23andme and the Personal Genome Project, will we see the empowered consumer leading the move to personalised medicine? Or will the regulators and health professionals control the revolution?
  5. What does the future look like for personalised medicine, and which nation or organisation looks like they will lead the way?



Mark Bartlett, Co-founder and Managing Director, Geneix

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