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The Power of In-Person: Video Inspires Change

You down with the “Power of In Person"? Michael Gale, a recognized industry expert in integrated technology marketing recently commissioned a study with the Economist Intelligence Unit on the Power of In-Person. Sure, we all know that the best communication happens when we are in person, and certain business processes are proven better when together. However, our desire for closer, more synchronous communication is being challenged by globalization and distance. Video and collaboration technologies are bridging that in-person gap - driving innovation, new business models, and positive social change in all industries and businesses of all sizes. Join us as we use video as our window out to the world to bring in guest speakers to share their experiences in how they are making an impact. Is there a tipping point? Can video replace face-to-face? Join the great debate.

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  1. Why does in-person communication matter so much?
  2. What communication processes benefit most from being together?
  3. How are people using video technology in innovative ways to bridge the in-person gap?
  4. What are the outcomes and benefits that are being realized?
  5. Does everyone agree?



Jeff Marusak, Market Manager, Cisco Systems

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