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Social Customer Care for Big Brands

There’s a great opportunity for companies to be the front runners and write the rules in Social Customer Care. A recent American Express® Global Customer Service Barometer study focuses specifically on the impact of social customer care versus traditional customer care. The results: Consumers who have used social media for customer service are willing to spend 10% more for excellent service and will tell, on average, 33 more people about good service compared to their counterparts who haven’t used social media for customer service.
The American Express study points out that 17% of consumers are tweeting their customer service issues. You wouldn’t let a customer phone call go unanswered, yet, according to a Maritz Research study, only 1/3 of customer complaints are being responded to on Twitter. If you were to slash a percentage of your center budget by deflecting calls to social tools, wouldn’t that make business sense?

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  1. What is social customer care and how do you think about structuring a social customer care team at the enterprise level?
  2. How do you measure social customer care for SLAs and ROI? And how do you communicate success to senior management in terms they care about?
  3. What kind of relationship should the social customer care team have with the marketing team?
  4. How do you create customer superfans who will be evangelists for your company?
  5. Where is social customer care going in the next year? The next five years?



Michael Pace, Owner, The Pace of Service

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