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Caring About Health: Big Data & Well-being

A data-driven evolution in healthcare philosophy & practice has made "well-being" a tangible and attainable metric of health for the everyday person.

In this session, a panel of experts will present & discuss this confluence of big data and healthcare highlighting the "quantified self" & the Well-Being Index - a scientifically proven method of defining & measuring health through traditional physical components (e.g., diet & exercise) while incorporating additional, advanced metrics such as emotional security & financial health. By quantifying previously overlooked factors, the Well-Being Index is driving a new paradigm of personal health at a time when the healthcare landscape is evolving from a "sick care" model to a more integrated "health care" model.

The panel includes Edelman’s Wellness 360 director, Jennifer Pfahler, moderating a pioneer of integrated medicine, Dr. Dean Ornish, Healthways CEO Ben Leedle, & Gallup Senior Scientist, Tom Rath.

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  1. What is the Well-Being Index?
  2. How is big data being integrated into healthcare?
  3. What evidence, if any, is there to show that the healthcare landscape evolving from a "sick care" model?
  4. How does the "quantified self" differ from traditional interpretations of personal health?
  5. Why is the Well-Being Index necessary?



Kathleen O'Connor, Account Supervisor, Edelman

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