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LOLCats Are Cute – But Can They Save Lives?

It is no surprise that animals have ridden each wave of online technological advancements. From the launch of ICanHasCheezburger in 2004 to current day viral videos of talking dogs and dancing cats – pets have been central to many of this decade’s iconic memes. But with all of this wild popularity, what can be done to capitalize on the views and get people to take social action and make a real difference?

Our expert panel, consisting of content creators, viral experts, and social good companies, will explore the animals on the web phenomenon. We will go into case studies of how viral animals have made an impact and what could be done to increase this impact. This panel will also explore the human/animal bond through history and how it has evolved in the digital age, as well as a lively debate on what we might expect to see in the future.

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  1. What is the reason for the popularity of animal videos and photos online?
  2. How do online views translate into social action?
  3. How do people typically share animal videos and what actions do they take after watching?
  4. How the human/animal bond has evolved through the digital age, and what we can expect in the future?
  5. Open it up to the audience: what can you do to make a difference?



Olivia Melikhov, Manger of Social Media, ASPCA

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