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Future of Health Tech:Creating Predictive Devices

There is no question that health tech is on the rise with new wearables and at-home health monitors readily available to track everything from steps and sleep to blood pressure and blood oxygen levels. These devices have certainly become “smarter” and more user friendly over the last year, allowing not just health addicts and tech geeks to use them, but also the average user. Over the last year, Withings’ CEO Cédric Hutchings and his team have launched devices including the Activité watch, Aura sleep system and Pulse O2. These products not only track health, but through their sleek design, simple setup and ability to connect to other devices with hundreds of apps – are also easy to use daily. So what’s next for Withings and other health tech companies? Join Cédric as he discusses how in 2015 devices will move from smart to predictive, learning users’ habits and levels to provide insight and ultimately guide them to live a healthier lifestyle.

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  1. How have health tech devices improved over the last year and what’s next for these devices?
  2. What is predictive tech and how can it help people better their daily health habits?
  3. What type of devices will come to market and 2015 and will these devices be effective?
  4. How has Withings led the connected health and predictive health movement with devices like the Aura sleep system, which helps users improve their sleep after learning about their nightly habits?
  5. Will predictive devices be simple for the “everyday” person to use or will they be geared towards tech enthusiasts?



Rich Gallagher, Associate Director, Frank PR

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