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Data and Gamification: Value to The Enterprise

Is Gamification fulfilling its promise and where is it taking us now?

The buzz of gamification is still humming along, mainly because of its tantalizing promise: there are fairly obvious ways to make the most tedious of tasks, well, actually quite interesting and fun. As gamification becomes integrated throughout consumer and enterprise interfaces, is it truly generating new insights or simply making it simpler to get boring things done with ease?

The fact is that companies using gamification techniques are generating massive amounts of data, (or big data) at an explosive rate. Data scientists are able to discover correlations and insights in data that have never been mapped before, ultimately showing us a new picture of human interaction. What we do with these insights can change our views on enterprise and employee interaction, such as how to plot career paths or hire the right person to fit an organization.

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  1. How are top-tier businesses deploying gamification for real-world value?
  2. What are the benefits for enterprise players -- from employee-facing programs to customer loyalty?
  3. How should all the behavior data captured through gamification programs be used?
  4. For those new to deploying gamification, what do they need to know?
  5. What new insights are data generated from gamification providing?



Meri Morris, Public Relations Manager,

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