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The Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy

Don't panic: the next big science revolution isn't just for asteroid miners or CERN scientists. Just as science fiction has often shown the way to future inventions, the act of hacking is now generating prototypes that act as footholds for future explorations, discoveries and epiphanies in science. This presentation takes you on a tour of our universe (from black holes and dark matter to exoplanets and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence) and shows you how you can actively explore the final frontier through getting excited and making things.

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  1. How can you actually explore the universe?
  2. How are we searching for black holes, dark matter, exoplanets and extraterrestrial intelligence?
  3. Does hacking actually contribute to meaningful science?
  4. What are some scientific discoveries that have been made by non-scientists?
  5. Why does space exploration and science need someone like me?



Ariel Waldman, Founder,

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