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Life Lessons Superheroes Teach Us

Superheroes can provide a roadmap for handling the vicissitudes of life. From superheroes, we can learn to use our talents and abilities, overcome adversity, use our alter egos to our advantage, and handle tricky moral dilemmas. Superheroes also teach us that being different than other people, which can sometimes feel like a curse, can in fact be a gift. Clinical psychologist Robin S. Rosenberg (author, What’s the Matter With Batman?; editor: Psychology of Superheroes; Our Superheroes, Ourselves; What Is a Superhero?) discusses relevant psychological research about these and other life lessons, and illustrates them with examples from superhero comics, television shows, and films.
Lessons Include:
Life Lesson #1: Being Different Can Give You Power;
Life Lesson #2: What Doesn't Kill Me Can Make Me Stronger;
Life Lesson #3: Superheroes Aren't The Only Ones With Alter-Egos;
Life Lesson #4: The Costume Counts.

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  1. Is it okay to be different?
  2. Is it true that what doesn't kill me can make me stronger?
  3. Are superheroes the only ones with alter-egos?
  4. How important are costumes, really?
  5. What do I have in common with superheroes?



Robin Rosenberg, Clinical Psychologist, Robin S. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

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