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Putting Policymakers to Work For You

"Putting Policymakers to Work For You: Fostering a Pro-Innovation Nation"
It’s true: government can be a true driver of innovation! From coast to coast, entrepreneurs are building vibrant, tech-driven businesses that create jobs and energize the U.S. economy. While some policymakers are unaware of Internet-driven innovation happening in their own districts, many others are eager to learn more. As new technologies and communities arise, startups need to work hand in hand with government entities to thrive. How can startups engage with local and national governments to build smart, pro-innovation public policies and help policymakers at all levels recognize the value of industry self-regulation and disruptive innovation?

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  1. What are three of the biggest policy priorities today that will help startups flourish?
  2. What’s the best way for startups, technologists and entrepreneurs engage with their representatives?
  3. Where are the innovation blind spots for policymakers today?
  4. When should entrepreneurs engage policymakers in their process?
  5. Name one action an entrepreneur can take to form a better relationship with their local, state and federal representatives?



Michael Petricone, SVP Government Affairs, CEA

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