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Playful Computing -- Programming All Ages

Learning to code & program is a new literacy requirement for our students of the 21st century. We will present a set of activities designed to engage students in programming and computational thinking using physical computing. Physical computing is an approach to programming that focuses on how we interact with technology through the use of programming sensors, actuators, and LEDs. We will demonstrate activities in physical computing that weave art with engineering, mathematics and technology.

Additional Supporting Materials

Learning Objectives

  1. Data drives nearly everything in our world today. Describe and justify the need for physical computing in the educational landscape, and integrate aspects of art into traditional curricula to increase engagement in under-served populations.
  2. Outline best practices of teaching computational thinking and programming using a syntax-free block-based programming environment for Arduino.
  3. Demonstrate activities around tinkering and play in the context of computer programming to develop problem solving and reasoning skills.



Brian Huang, Education Engineer, Sparkfun Electronics

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