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How We Shop: The Presentation of Curation

From storefronts, to desktops, to the smartphone in your pocket, the future of shopping will offer endless possibilities to discover, browse and buy. With shoppers able to indulge anywhere and anytime, the challenge is to curate an experience that is personalized, engaging and intuitive. This panel brings together a select group of commerce experts – from one of Fast Company’s 2014 Most Creative People in Business to eBay’s VP of Design and former Creative Director for the Apple Online Store – to break down the art and science of curation. Learn how to engage consumers through storytelling and the keys to creating personalized experiences across devices and platforms.


  1. How and why can curation drive sales and grow repeat customers?
  2. What are the biggest personalized shopping experience trends?
  3. What can you do to blend technology and data with human-powered curation for a more compelling customer experience?
  4. What are the most effective ways of delivering consistent, curated experiences across multiple devices and platforms?
  5. How can you create curated customer experiences with limited resources?



Ryan Moore, Lead Manager, Business Communications, eBay

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