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From Google to Apple to eBay: Reimagining Commerce

Learn where the next major disruption in commerce is coming from. It might surprise you.

Tasked by eBay with unlocking the next wave of shopping experiences for buyers and sellers, Chief Product Officer for eBay Marketplaces RJ Pittman will detail specific ways organizations can adapt to today’s new shopping reality and better engage consumers. Pittman will also draw on his experience leading Google’s consumer search properties and time as head of Apple’s ecommerce platform to break down how ecommerce has evolved and which trends to pay attention to over the next decade. From how to sell across multiple screens, to creating personalized shopping experiences, this session will offer practical lessons relevant to any commerce organization, as well as developers, designers and marketers.

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  1. How has ecommerce evolved over the last decade?
  2. What are the key behaviors of today’s consumer?
  3. What are specific ways your organization can create better ecommerce experiences and engage with today’s consumer?
  4. Which ecommerce trends are hype vs. reality?
  5. What should your organization focus on today to future proof your business for the next decade?



Madeline Chadwick, Sr. Director, Global Business Communications, eBay

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