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7 Things Nonprofits Can Learn From Food Trucks

More than just a Twitter account and experimental menus, food trucks have mastered bringing new customers to their business and keep them coming back for more. Nonprofits can learn a thing or two from their success. Take a look “under the hood” to uncover the secrets of their explosive success through masterful grassroots marketing, a collaborative spirit, focusing on a niche, and a laser focus on their brand. Hear from those in the food truck industry along with nonprofits that successfully use these tactics today. You’ll walk away with practical tips straight from the streets!

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  1. Why should a nonprofit manage risks and test concepts?
  2. How does creating a sense of urgency and managing scarcity over ubiquity help nonprofits further their mission?
  3. Can a nonprofit be more successful by focusing on a niche than being everything to everyone?
  4. Why should you collaborate with the competition to raise awareness?
  5. How can drama over utility benefit your nonprofit brand?



Erin Shy, Sr. Director of Product Management, Sage Nonprofit

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