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Retail Tech: What Does the Future Have In-Store?

Customer expectation is rapidly accelerating. It outpaces the ability of retailers to keep up. And mobile? Uhh, not only did iOS8 redefine what “mobile” even means (btw your phone isn’t mobile… you are. It’s just in your pocket), BUT almost every retailer and their mother has started producing wearable tech.

What does this mean? Well, stores are no longer the end-all-be-all. Their value is their influence on the path to purchase. Stores, my friends, are a touch point. A channel. And they’re changing so rapidly that the boundaries of stores, delivery, and even “associates” are changing by the day.

So we’ll get into it. How to gather the same data in store as online. How to gather new data (e.g we can happily measure your heart rate with infrared from 30’ away), and how to intelligently cut through the noise of all the emerging tech in the retail space so you hear about what’s worked, what’s failed, and leave with a framework for how to assess your retail strategy moving forward.


  1. You walk into your favorite store in 2020… what’s it like?
  2. What one the themes we hear about increasingly is the “intelligent store” – what does this mean to you?
  3. What was the biggest technology retail fail of the last five years?
  4. What keeps retailers up at night as more consumers go online for shopping?
  5. How has in-store technology changed your customer engagement strategy?



Amanda Coffee, PR Specialist , eBay Inc.

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