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Make First, Teach Later: A Classroom Manifesto

The recent questions about the maker culture that are asked the most tend to be around how it works in the classroom. The "Maker Culture" does not fit nice and snug within contemporary educational models. A classroom that adopts a maker model inherits radical change. Historically, radical ideas have always been documented through manifestos; sets of rules and ideas to live by. We present our classroom manifesto that strikes at the culture and values of making within the classroom.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Define the "Maker Classroom" in a way that is timeless as well as platform, material and software agnostic as possible.
  2. Address a number of the current issues with the maker culture in the classroom and propose possible overarching solutions.
  3. Inspire educators to adopt a make culture in their classroom that fosters the development of 21st century skills.



Derek Runberg, Educational Technologist, SparkFun Electronics

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