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The art & science of social media movie marketing

This panel will explore the psychology and artistry behind making social media work for the motion picture industry. Why do people share movie-related content on Twitter and Facebook? What gets shared the most? How do we know what's effective?

Social networks like Twitter and Facebook provide an effective, open channel for studios to spread the word about their projects, and for fans to talk about their favorite movies. From designing original creative and content intended to be shared in social media, to monitoring and responding to social mentions, the panel will discuss real examples of what has worked in social media, what hasn't worked, and what might work in the future. Panelists have worked on social media campaigns with film studios like Sony, Fox, Universal and Lionsgate.

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  1. Why do fans share film-related content online?
  2. What are studios and networks doing to engage their audiences in and out of the theater?
  3. What marketing tactics work best to market a movie on Facebook? On Twitter?
  4. What social media metrics are the most important to measure during a film release?
  5. Can social media predict a film's success at the box office?



Jenn Deering Davis, Co-Founder, Union Metrics

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