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Designing UI in Keynote (Not in Photoshop)

I have used Apple's Keynote for mocking up UI while working at Apple and at Netflix. I use Keynote 95% percent of the time and use Photoshop and Illustrator on occasion but only for specific tasks. Keynote is an incredibly efficient tool for designing user interfaces for web and mobile applications and allows you to wireframe, create high fidelity designs, mockup interactions, create visual specs, simulate animations, and present all from one tool. I'll be walking through some of the workflows that I use in Keynote, show tips and tricks, talk about best practices, do a quick demo and answer lots and lots of questions.

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  1. When to use Photoshop and Illustrator and when to use Keynote.
  2. Once your done in Keynote how do you get assets out to your developers.
  3. How to create tappable/clickable interactions.
  4. What's Magic Move and why is one of the best animation secrets in Keynote?
  5. Where are my layers? Do I need them?



Ted Boda, Lead UI Designer, Netflix Inc.

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