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We Build a Community, They Come, What Next?

Come hear about successes and setbacks of strengthening mature communities that maintain relevance and effectiveness – while striving to bring social issues to the forefront and address them in modern ways. From helping people quit tobacco to establishing groups to support healthy lifestyles, each organization approaches community engagement in a unique way. An interview format will generate an exciting dialogue about how non-profits with established communities keep “pushing” their missions through community innovation to achieve greater success.

Against a challenging, dynamic landscape of new digital community-building platforms, these socially responsible groups are taking advantage of new technologies to reach and engage their audiences. The panel will uncover the organizational strategies of maintaining engagement over time and leveraging social media and related communities to support shared goals.


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  1. What are the best methods for engaging mature communities? Metrics?
  2. What can for-profit companies learn from nonprofit community builders?
  3. What are the best technology solutions for specific communities?
  4. Should you build a branded community or form a group off of a pre-existing community platform? Pros and cons?
  5. How are existing social media platforms able to be leveraged to support nonprofit community building?



Sharon Carothers, VP, Marketing, American Legacy Foundation (Legacy)

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